2 innovative green technology that power modern sport

2 innovative green technology that power modern sport

If you’re into sports, green innovation, or both, you might be interested in learning about bringing green technology to sports. If you are, then you’re in luck.

We researched and found 2 of the best and most innovative green technologies in sports today. From solar panels to composting, the world of sports is taking the lead in respecting the environment. Sports teams have been using solar panels for years.

11,000 solar panels and 14 wind turbines power the Philadelphia Eagles Stadium. In addition, the San Francisco 49ers have built a new stadium with a solar-powered terrace extending nearly 10,000 feet.

Stadiums across the country are using solar panels because they are more environmentally friendly and because of their cost-effectiveness. MetLife Stadium even uses its solar panels to power the blinking LED display at the top of the stadium.

There are many steps in which methods such as recycling cardboard and plastic, composting kitchen waste, and donating leftover food are applied. The US Open composts its waste, but the Cleveland Browns took it one step further. They teamed up with a garbage collection company that collects leftover food from the stadium and takes it to the local college.

The material is then used as raw material, resulting in serious fuel, nutrients and fertilizer. As a result, stadium food waste is not only recycled; it is recycled twice. The trash can produce enough electricity to power a home for more than one year.

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