Interesting new tech being used in the sports industry

Interesting new tech being used in the sports industry

Wearable technology brands have redefined the sport. Gone are the days when weak human eyes had to judge movement; today, thanks to advances in everything from GPS trackers to RFID chips, sports officials can score results with instant, unbiased and quantitative data. There are many types of wearable technology in football and other sports.

Smartwatches like Fitbit are popular with professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts for various activities that can be tracked using calories, steps, distance, pulse, and heart rate. Other more specialized examples of wearable technology include smart clothes, etc. These projects can be designed with specific activities in mind. For example, runners can buy socks with fabric pressure sensors to calculate whether they hit the pavement with the heel or the sole.

Advanced medical technology can be anything from smart rings to t-shirts and leggings with sensors. For example, head-mounted displays (HMDs) can be integrated into helmets to allow race car drivers to maintain radio contact with their pit crews.

Sports science and technology are so mature that high-end fitness products can count steps, measure heart rate, and even transmit electrocardiogram results to an internet-connected smartphone. Innovators are constantly pushing the functional limits of their products.

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